Column:Resins Time:2019-12-26

Chlorinated Polypropylene (CPP)

¡ Chemical Name: Chlorinated Polypropylene

¡ Function: It belongs to the type of thermoplastic resin. The finished product is white or yellow powders. It is acid-proof, water-tolerant, alkali-resisting, non-toxic, unpalatable, high transparent, fine film forming and uneasy to burn, the product is easy to dissolve in arene and chlorinated hydrocarbon flux and is highly adhesive to sulan, ethylene, printing ink and other materials. It is a good adhesive to BOPP film and plastic printing ink and is an adhesive between BOPP film and color paper, BOPP film and polytene. As paint, it is better than the chloroethene paint.

¡ Specification and Usage:

               Chlorinity Viscosity           Usage

(20% toluene solution)


29-31% 250-400 Printing ink binder

The specifications can be produced in accordance with the customers’ demands.

¡ Packing: Packed in sulan knitting bag with polytene film bag inside.

¡ Net Weight: 20kg/paper bag

¡ Storage: Avoid sunshine and rain in transportation and storage, in ventilating and airtight place. It cannot be put together with organic flux.